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3 Reasons You Need a Whole House Humidifier in Anchorage This Winter

Happy little girl playing in room. Whole house humidifiers improve the health of your loved ones

Winter in Anchorage is cold, and it is dry! Anyone who has lived through one will remember the extra scratchy throat, the sore, and dry nasal passages, as well as the itchy and dry skin. Many people even experience more bloody noses during the winter months due to the dryness. There are solutions, and one of the best is a whole house humidifier system.

What is a whole house humidifier?

Many of us are familiar with the small portable humidifiers that can help in individual rooms. The whole house humidifier increases the moisture in the air throughout your home using your existing air ducts or even your baseboard heating system. Usually, the same thermostat that monitors your heat will monitor and control the moisture levels in your home.

Your health benefits from more moisture in the air.

The right amount of moisture in your home’s air will help you breathe easier, reduce chapped lips, dry skin, and dry throats. Some people even report it helps them not snore as much. If you or someone in your family already has sinus or allergy problems, the dryness is only going to make things worse. Keeping even humidity levels throughout the house will make for happier living and even a lower chance for the spread of some viruses.

Is a whole house humidifier easy to use?

Once your HVAC specialist has installed the system, you can set your thermostat to the appropriate level and just sit back and enjoy. Small room humidifiers must be cleaned regularly so that bacteria and mold don’t build up. Contrast that with your whole home system, which will only need cleaning once or twice a year, about the same schedule for other common maintenance like duct cleaning. When the system is cleaned a white dust from mineral deposits left behind from evaporated water will be removed. You do not have to worry about mold or bacteria build ups.

A whole house humidifier will help you feel warmer in Anchorage winters.

Strangely enough humid air feels warmer than dry air that is at the same temperature. Basically, the more water in the air, the warmer it seems to us. This phenomenon happens because when moisture is the air, our natural sweat and moisture stays close to our body. On the flip side, our body’s natural moisture evaporates in the dry air, which makes us feel colder. Often you can lower the temperature in your home during Anchorage winters because you feel warmer and cozier when the right level of moisture is in the air.

While living in Anchorage means, we have to deal with the dryness and the cold, a quality heating system together with a whole house humidifier can keep you warm and comfortable all winter long.