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Cut Heating Costs for Your Business! 12 Tips to Save Money

Cut Costs for Your Business! Tips to Save Money

The energy bill is one of the top expenditures for small businesses in the U.S. According to ENERGY STAR, we spend more than $60 billion on energy per year! During the winter months, heating is one of the biggest factors in this figure. How can you cut costs and save money on heating your business? We’ve outlined 12 tips for you to optimize your commercial HVAC system and create an environment for maximum energy efficiency. Take a look!

1. Get an energy audit. Contact a professional to perform an energy audit for your business! Learn where you’re spending money on energy, and how you can improve energy efficiency based on your business’s unique needs.

2. Check your ductwork and vents. Air ducts can develop leaks which need to be sealed and insulated to prevent costly heat loss. Hire a professional to patch your ductwork and make sure nothing is blocking your air vents, such as furniture or dust, to prevent heat from the air ducts from reaching the office.

3. Change your filters. When the filters in an HVAC system become dirty, the system is overworked, using more energy for less heat. Change your commercial HVAC system’s filters monthly as you would with a home HVAC system to prevent this and save money!

4. Schedule a maintenance check. The performance of your business’s HVAC system can decline if it has not received regular maintenance, making it less efficient and therefore, more expensive. Schedule routine maintenance both for better performance and a longer life.

5. Upgrade your heating systems. Purchasing a new, improved heating system, including a new water heater, can greatly improve your office’s heating efficiency and cut down on energy costs, especially if you have an older model.

6. Purchase a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats allow you to set your heating system to run at different temperatures depending on the time of day, so that you are spending money on heat only when you need it. Learn more when you read our blog, Programmable Thermostat vs. Manual Thermostat.

7. Lower your water heater settings. Has the tap water been burning your employees’ hands? Even if not, you could probably knock your business’s water heater temperature setting down a couple degrees to save money.

8. Replace old windows and doors. Windows and doors begin to develop leaks after use. Replacing old windows and doors as well as replacing the caulk and weather stripping around them can diminish expensive heat loss where they have been installed.

9. Manage your blinds. Blinds can be used to manage the heat coming in and out of the windows in the office, and save energy! Simply open the blinds during parts of the day when the sun shines through the windows and close them at night to capture the heat.

10. Employ ceiling fans. Ceiling fans circulate the hot air in your office so that the entire space is heated. This can prevent temperature differences between employees so that one chilly employee is not cranking up the heat and wasting money while everyone else is burning up!

11. Supplement with space heaters. Space heaters are a great, inexpensive supplement to a commercial HVAC system in hard-to-heat spaces. Consider purchasing a space heater before turning up the heat to cut costs.

12. Get your employees involved! Educating your employees on the “why” behind energy efficiency and creating a culture of cost savings will work wonders for your business. It is impossible to be everywhere at once, so enlist your office mates to watch out for opportunities with you!

Many of these tips are simple habit adjustments that although relatively easy, offer a profound impact on your business’s energy efficiency and bottom line. If your commercial HVAC system has been needing maintenance or an upgrade, however, you may be due for some serious cost savings! Contact a local, HVAC company to schedule an appointment.