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How to Choose the Right HVAC Contractor for Your Home

How to Choose the Right HVAC Contractor for Your Home

Choosing an HVAC contractor can be a daunting task with a lot of information to consider! We have narrowed down all of the important factors to this list of our top four. Best of luck to you as you conduct your search, we hope these pointers help you find the right contractor for you!

1. Check the HVAC Contractor’s Licensing

Unfortunately, some people in our industry claim to have licensing that they do not. Your HVAC contractor should either have a verifiable license number on their website, or you should be able to call them and request one. It is very important that you use a licensed contractor as they are dealing with home systems that can be dangerous when installed improperly. The contractor should have licensing for HVAC, your city, and your municipality if relevant.

In addition to following licensing regulations, your HVAC contractor should be pulling all of the proper permits for your area and conducting high-quality work that is up to code and following industry standards. They should be bonded and insured to protect you and your property against injury or accidental damage. You should verify that your contractor’s team has been drug tested and that they have received criminal background checks.

2. Read Their Reviews

To get an insider look at how your HVAC contractor conducts business, check Facebook, Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, or your favorite review site. Watch for comments about whether they will respect you and your home by showing up on time and cleaning up after themselves. See if they deliver quality work and customer service. Use the Better Business Bureau to see how they respond to any negative issues their past customers bring up. How a business handles negative reviews may tell you more than anything else about who they are and what they value. Ask your family, friends, and co-workers for referrals.

3. Make Sure the HVAC Contractor Inspects Your Home

A good HVAC contractor will come onsite and take measurements of your home, including but not limited to evaluation of the efficiency of your current system, the square footage of your home, and the R-value of your insulation. This information will help your contractor determine which size and type of unit is best for you. Without a home inspection, you will be given an inefficient unit because it was not chosen with your home in mind.

You should absolutely never receive an estimate over the phone without a home inspection. The contractor may be trying to get rid of old inventory at your expense. If the unit they are recommending is exactly the same as the unit you already have, this is likely the case. As technology improves, HVAC systems improve with it. You should expect an upgrade to your current system.

4. Watch for an Itemized Estimate

Your HVAC contractor should provide you with a written estimate that includes itemized costs, a list of what they are planning to do, any warranty, rebate, or special deal offered, and the efficiency of the system they are recommending. Absolutely never accept a verbal agreement, you should get one in writing. In addition to providing a legal safety net, this will allow you to compare your estimate with other contractors. Don’t merely go with low cost, consider value-adds like quality and efficiency that pay off more over the long run. You certainly do not want a botched install on your hands that will cost more later to fix. In regard to warranties, great contractors provide a warranty above and beyond what the manufacturer provides.

If you are a resident of Anchorage or the Mat-Su Valley and you would like to work with a transparent HVAC contractor, we provide lots of information on our website and we would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have! Give us a call today at (907) 561-1500 for Anchorage or (907) 376-1500 for the Valley.