Things to Think About While Upgrading Your Fireplace |

Things to Think About While Upgrading Your Fireplace

Upgrade your fireplace or furnace this winter with Moore Heating

There’s nothing quite like the flickering light of a fireplace to bring warmth and coziness into your home during the winter. While there are plenty of DIY suggestions out there to help give an outdated fireplace a facelift, sometimes you need Moore!

Is your existing fireplace drafty? Or has it become too cumbersome to deal with? Moore Heating of Anchorage has a range of options from fireplaces, inserts and gas logs to freestanding gas or wood-burning stoves to help you fall in love with your fireplace again.

Whether you’re a traditionalist who prefers the crackling sounds and aroma of wood or seek the convenience of flipping a switch, we have the perfect fit for your home heating needs.

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Wood Fireplaces: Resiliency

There is nothing more authentically Alaskan than relaxing in front of a real wood-burning fire. The sweet serenade of crackles and pops, along with the aroma are hard to beat for anyone living the dream. There is a resiliency to wood and many homeowners find comfort knowing that no matter how low temperatures drop or how high fuel prices climb – or whether the next big earthquake disrupts gas lines – you can always build a fire. Transforming your existing fireplace with an attractive and efficient insert can improve air quality and offer a fresh, modern look, while improving your heat output and reducing your wood consumption.

Gas Fireplaces: Dependability

As much as we Alaskans love and appreciate a wood-burning fire, let’s face it: while wood does indeed grow on trees, it does not cut, split or stack itself neatly in the corner of your living room. That brings us to natural gas and propane. If the thrill of hauling in wood on a cold Alaska morning and cleaning up ash is gone, you can still enjoy a genuine flame with gas. With the flip of a switch, you can heat a room quickly and efficiently.

Our gas fireplaces can be thermostatically controlled and come with a variety of features, including remote controls. Heated air circulation options can even direct warm air away from sensitive electronics, such as a TV mounted above the mantle. A gas fireplace requires the installation of an exhaust pipe for venting. Also, if there isn’t a gas line already in place, then you’ll need to get one installed by a certified expert.

Electric Fireplaces: Simplicity

Electricity and simplicity go hand in hand, and electric fireplaces are so good they almost look real. They can be placed anywhere: homes, apartments, condos, and even some RVs. Electric fireplaces do not require chimneys or ventilation, although they can be placed inside an existing fireplace.

These facades conceal fans and electrical coils that provide sufficient heat for modest living spaces and usually carry the smallest purchase and installation prices.  With steady use, however, those initial low costs may be swallowed whole with higher electric bills.  Electric fireplaces can complement other heating systems and add some visual interest to your room.

Truth About Furnaces

Sadly, no one ever oohs and ahhs over the beauty of a furnace, partly because they stay hidden in a basement, closet or the garage. But we surely take notice when they’re on the fritz!

Even with a fireplace or stove, furnaces are generally considered essential to keeping your entire home comfortable and safe during our long Alaska winters. If your furnace is showing its age or has become unreliable, it may be time to upgrade to a new high-efficiency model.

Moore Heating in Anchorage is a Lennox Premier Dealer. Our expert team of trained, experienced technicians offers installation and service for all major manufacturer brands, such as Lennox, Aire-Flo, and many more. We can take care of all your home heating needs.

Moore Heating Guarantee

Moore Heating has provided quality service to our Alaskan clients for over 30 years and we are confident that we will continue providing that service for many years to come. Our Quality Guarantee states that if you, the homeowner, at any point, are unsatisfied with the workmanship of our service or installation, we will send someone back out to make sure it is done correctly and to the standards of our customer and our company.

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