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Pros and Cons of an Anchorage Garage Heater

Pros and Cons of an Anchorage Heated Garage

Having a heated garage in Anchorage can be a necessary luxury. Here are some of the pros and cons to having a heater installed in your Anchorage garage.

Pro: Having a heated garage is better for your vehicle.

Anchorage winters can be harsh on us and our vehicle, especially at night when the temperature drops into the single digits. As any of us who have lived here for even one winter know, this happens more often than we would like. The same goes for our vehicles. Subzero conditions will drain your battery and prevent your car or truck from starting. In fact, anything below 30 degrees can start to cause vehicle problems.

Also the oil, antifreeze, power steering, brake and transmission fluids thicken at around 35 degrees. Your chilly car needs many of these, especially the transmission fluid, easily flowing to function properly. The cold adds more wear and tear on your vehicle and even plugging it in will not completely eliminate the long-term damage. Putting your truck in a heated garage is the only way to get around these issues.

Con: Additional heating costs

Heating your garage will add to your winter utility bills, but you can minimize this by making sure you get the right heater. If your garage didn’t come heated, you don’t want to get one of the small space heaters at Home Depot or WalMart. These little guys are not heat or energy efficient, and because they can’t usually handle the heating needs of your space, they are a serious fire hazard.

The ideal answer is to have either a professional electric or gas garage heater installed. Most models are between 80-95% efficient and are specifically designed to heat large spaces. If you have gas already close to or hooked up to your garage, you will find that they are the most economical to run, but will often cost more to install. Electric heaters are faster and cheaper to install, but they cost more to operate since electricity is usually more expensive than gas.

Pro: A heated garage provides comfort

A heated garage offers creature comforts for the whole family. Anchorage winters are cold, dark, icy, and snowy! With a heated garage, there is no walking through inches of fresh snow to get to the car first thing in the morning or slipping and sliding on the ice with your arms full of groceries. You can all enjoy the safety of not having to walk from your vehicle to the front or side door of your house in the dark.

If you have projects that have been regulated to the garage, you can work on them all winter long when you have heat. The garage can become a gathering place for family and friends around projects from woodworking to mechanical. Also, your heated garage is a great place for the kids to burn off some much need steam during the long winter months without breaking anything or driving other family members crazy.

We would contend that having a heated garage in Anchorage is more of a necessity than a luxury. If you are considering heating your unheated garage, there are some great options out there for you and your heating and air conditioning experts can help you figure out which option is going to be the most economical for your space.