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Use Comfort Controls & Lower Your Heating Bill in Anchorage, Alaska

Warm family by fire: Programmable thermostats keep your family warm and lower energy costs

Comfort controls like a programmable thermostat could make your heating system more efficient and lower your energy bills this winter. Winter is in full swing in Anchorage, Alaska, so the last thing you want to be worrying about is the heating system in your house. Here is a great tool to keep you warm and worry free this holiday season.

What is a programmable thermostat?

A programmable thermostat automatically controls the temperature in your home according to a¬†preset setting. How is that different from a standard thermostat you might ask? That’s a great question! A standard or non-programmable thermostat is usually set at one temperature, 72 degrees let’s say. During a 24 hour period, that thermostat makes sure your house stays at that temperature no matter what, even if you don’t need that heat.

Here’s the scenario where a programmable thermostat is a winner: Does your house have to be at 72 degrees during the day when the kids are at school, and you are at work? The general rule of thumb is that on average, you can save 1% of energy use for every 1 degree you turn down your thermostat. So while no one but the dog is home, why not have the programmable thermostat turn the heat down to 62 degrees and save 10% of your regular heating bill while everyone is away?

The beauty of the programmable thermostat is that once you set the system up, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. The thermostat can turn down the heat shortly after everyone leaves in the morning and then be set to turn up the heat 20-30 minutes before the family starts to get home. That way you are saving on energy and still coming home to a warm house. It’s a win, win! Many thermostats are now WiFi and can be controlled from your phone so that if you end up coming home earlier or staying out later, you can adjust your system before you get home.

A similar principle goes for during the night when everyone is sleeping. There are scientific reports that say sleeping in a cooler room is better for your health. It can be better for your heating bill as well. A programmable thermostat can cool down your home during the night and warm it up again in the mornings so you don’t have to wake up to a cold house. This can add up to significant savings and help your heating system last longer since it’s not having to work as hard all during the night.

Over the course of the year, people report between a 10% and 33% increase in savings when they consistently use their programmable thermostat correctly. There is another benefit for those of us in Anchorage, Alaska who like to travel during the winter. You can set your thermostat to keep the house cooler, but still warm enough to not freeze the pipes while you are getting away to Hawaii. Then make sure it turns back on before you get home from the airport, so you still come home to a warm house.

So if you are looking for a way to help the environment, lower your heating bill and reduce some wear and tear on your system, consider the benefits of a programmable thermostat and give your professionals at Moore Heating a call at 907-561-1500. We can help figure out which system is going to get you the best savings.