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A Guide to HVAC for New Homeowners in Anchorage

A Guide to HVAC for New Homeowners in Anchorage

Have you recently purchased your first Anchorage home? Congratulations! Saving enough money to get out of the world of rentals is a big deal. Chances are if this is your situation, you’ve never had to take care of an HVAC system before. Landlords typically cover those responsibilities for their tenants. There’s a lot to learn! Let’s get started.

1. Learn About Your HVAC System

Does your home have a furnace…or a boiler? Does it even have an air conditioning system? Most Anchorage homes do not. If the previous homeowner or your realtor hasn’t told you, find out what kind of HVAC system you have and what kind of fuel it runs on. Ask your informer how old the system is and when its last maintenance inspection was. For any maintenance performed, request the maintenance reports. You will also want to learn about your HVAC system’s efficiency rating and warranty, what will keep the warranty valid and what will void it.

New Homeowner Tips: HVAC systems can last 10 to 15 to even 20 years depending on the kind. Always hire a professional to perform repairs on your system and do not perform DIY maintenance if you want to keep your warranty valid.

2. Pick an HVAC Service Provider

Many system warranties require annual maintenance in order to stay valid. For this you will need to find a credible HVAC professional. Research local service providers online and read the reviews. Look for a company that has many, positive reviews, has been working in your community for a long time, and is clearly prominent among HVAC service providers for their incredible service.

Learn more in our blog, How to Choose the Right HVAC Contractor for Your Home.

3. Schedule Annual Maintenance

Once you have chosen your preferred HVAC professional, consider scheduling your first annual maintenance appointment. This is especially urgent if the previous homeowner has not completed maintenance in some time. After the first appointment, schedule annual maintenance once per year to look for problems before they become big, expensive issues and to keep your warranty valid.

4. Care for Your HVAC System

Learn how to program your thermostat to save money while you are away from home or on vacation. Change your air filters every few months to keep your HVAC system running smoothly and your air quality high. Keep objects at least three feet away from your unit and clear it free of ice and debris for maximum efficiency. There are a lot of things to remember when it comes to caring for your HVAC system! Perhaps the most important are to schedule annual maintenance as we mentioned, get your air ducts cleaned every 3-5 years, and know the warning signs of a failing HVAC system.

New Homeowner Tips: When you replace your air filters, write the date on the side. This will help you remember when you need to replace them next!

We hope that by now you feel a little bit more prepared to take on the responsibility of caring for your new home’s HVAC system! Maintaining your system keeps you warm and cozy and your home safe from disasters such as system failure, gas or electrical issues, frozen and burst pipes, fires, and flooding. If you are uncertain of the condition of your HVAC system, you can schedule an inspection. Your inspector will provide you with a run-down on your system and get you caught up on best practices for proper care. Schedule your first inspection today!